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Owning a home is the American Dream! It is also the biggest investment for most of us. Buying a home does not only mean taking a serious look at our expenses, it also makes us think how our lives may change. It is very important for you to have a trusted real estate practitioner who can guide you through the entire process. As your buyer agent whose sole responsibility is only to you (not to the seller or to me) in the transaction, here is where I come into the picture and assist you with your "buying experience".

Now that I have piqued your interest you definitely want to know what your "buying experience" is going to be. It goes like this - 1. Getting to know you and understanding your needs. 2. Helping you get pre-approved for a loan that fits your financial capabilities. 3. Showing properties that match your criteria and explaining the pros and cons of each property
4. Putting up a contract and negotiating the best price 5. Following up on inspections in a timely manner 6. Settlement  7. Follow up with a satisfied customer.

1. Getting to know you

This is the first and most important step in our journey. I spend a good 2 hours sitting down with you to get to know you and your needs better. This is also the time you learn about me and what services I provide. Additionally this is the time that I walk through the entire step by step process of home buying and the things to watch out for.

2. Helping you get pre-approved for a loan

Our goal here is to get you the right pre-approval so we are ready to make an offer on the house when you are ready. As I work with extremely capable mortgage professionals I can assist you with this.

3. Showing properties that match your criteria

Time is of great value. It is very imperative that we leverage our time together by looking at homes that fit your criteria. My goal is to show you homes that I have understood fits your needs. As we go out looking for homes, it is important that we keep our communication channels open to make sure we are making the best use of our time.

4. Putting up the contract and negotiation

When you like a home that you would like to make an offer, I will draw up the contract, walk you through it before presenting it to the seller's agent. I cherish the value of being a buyer agent for you and negotiate the best price for the house.

5. Follow up on inspections

It is extremely vital to have inspections done in a timely manner and I will work expeditiously with the professionals to make sure those happen on time.

6. Settlement

I will work with the settlement attorney and you to make sure we have a smooth settlement.

7. Follow up

The last but not the least I shall follow up with you a few days after your settlement to make sure everything is going well. I believe that you are not just a customer for that transaction but a customer for life. I am available to you anytime as I am just a phone call away.

Pick up the phone and contact me now to set up our no obligation consultation and experience the difference!

My service pledge to you - "I shall work to earn your trust and provide you the best service you richly deserve"

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