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As your selling agent my fiduciary responsibility is only to you - to protect your interests and get you the best price that your home will fetch. I will put my experience to successfully market your home to the public and other real estate practitioners. Here is the step by step process that I will undertake in order to sell your home successfully.

1. Set up the initial consult

This will be our first meeting to discuss your goals and for me to show case my services and how I am going to assist you with the selling process. It is very important that you choose a real estate practitioner who is committed to your goals and needs and who has good marketing tools to deploy and provides regular feedback.

2. Do a through walk through of your home

I shall walk through the home with you and suggest items for improvement before putting the house on the market. I will use my experience to make these suggestions for a faster sale.

3. Show you my extensive marketing plan and all the tools at my disposal

This is a vital area where your real estate practitioner has a lot of control. As your real estate practitioner who is going to market your home you deserve the full array of tools which I have in my toolbox. I market using top quality paper color brochures. I will post slide shows on the web and market your house on all the top search sites - yahoo, google, msn and the rest. I will send emails to all the top agents in the operating area. I give these marketing claims in writing before I market your home!

4. Recommend the best listing price for your home after doing an extensive Comparative Market Analysis - CMA

Choosing the best price to put the house on the market is very critical. I shall assist you with this by doing an extensive CMA and recommend the best price your house will fetch. I shall share the CMA results with you along with my reasoning.

5. Recommend reliable contractors to assist you with any items that come up from the walk through

If there are items to be improved in the house, I shall recommend reliable contractors who can assist you with those.

6. Help you stage the house

Builders stage the model homes for a reason. Buying is an emotional process. I shall help you stage your house effectively with what you have to give it a look that buyers will like.

7. Start marketing your house aggressively

Using all the tools at my disposal (brochures, top agent emails, slide shows, MLS, top websites) I shall aggressively market your home.

8. Provide weekly feedback

This I strongly believe is very important to you and I make it a point to provide weekly feedback on who visited your house and if there is any interest or any feedback provided by the agents/ buyers.

9. Work with you on any offers

Present the offers received promptly and work with you on follow through items. I value that it is your home and your money and will full respect that.

10. Qualify the buyer

I shall work with the buyer's agent to get an understanding of the qualification of the buyer and after ratification will discuss the buyer's capabilities with the lender directly.

11. Follow up on inspections/ settlement items

I shall promptly follow up on any inspections schedule by the buyers and provide feedback to you.

12. Settlement

I will coordinate with the buyer's agent and the settlement attorney for a smooth and successful settlement.

13. Follow up with a satisfied seller

Last but not the least I shall follow up with you after the sale as I strongly believe in a customer for life and not just for a transaction.

Now that you have seen my detailed marketing plan, go ahead and contact me for a no obligation consultation to see how I can help you with the sale of your home.

My service pledge to you - "I shall work to earn your trust and provide you the best service you richly deserve"

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